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The Food Pyramid: Tips from A Quincy MA Nursery School

  As rates of obesity are on the rise in the United States, the Wollaston Child Care Center strives to provide our students and families with proper nutrition education and to reinforce these ideas by providing healthy snacks twice daily. Learning about healthy habits now, at our Quincy MA nursery school can help your child […]

Prepare Your Child For A Wonderful First Day

The first day of preschool is both nerve-wracking and exciting for your child and you. After searching anxiously for a child care in Quincy, MA that seems like a good match for your child, you need to prepare your child for the physically and emotionally tiring first day of preschool. While you hope that everything […]

Why You Should Know About Your Child’s Education Process

As we’ve stated, early childhood education is a crucial time in your child’s life. They learn so much during this precious time and build a solid foundation for their future as they move along. While we’re happy to help and set your child up for success, it’s important  that parents also involve themselves in the […]

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Enriching Your Child’s Learning Experience

As education professionals, we know how important learning is in all of its forms. Part of the learning process is the support and encouragement parents and guardians offer at home. Parents are each child’s first and most important teacher.  When families and teachers partner in early childhood education, children are sure to thrive. There are […]

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Make Preparing For Early Childhood Education Easier

As a parent, there’s nothing more you want for your child(ren) than for them to succeed and have rewarding experiences. When it comes to early childhood education, finding the right school and ensuring your children are ready for their journey is key. At Wollaston Child Care, we welcome new students frequently and want to see […]

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What to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling Your Child in Early Childhood Education

As a parent, the number one goal is ensuring your child is safe and happy during all stages of their life. Early childhood education is a critical time in your child’s life, and ensuring they get enrolled in the best center for their needs is a must. So, to ensure confidence in your selection, Wollaston […]

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The Wollaston Difference

Early childhood education is the foundation at which schooling starts. While it may seem as though the children are playing games and sharing stories, there is a lot that goes on in those few moments of play. These experiences help a child in many ways, including their social skills and motor skills. Another way that […]

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Why Choose Wollaston Child Care?

Finding the ideal early childhood education center for your child is very important. You need confidence that the school can satisfy all of your child’s cognitive and social needs. The staff must have plenty of tools and knowledge to teach the age group they interact with. If you need early childhood education in Quincy, MA, we […]

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Coping With Sending Your Child To Child Care

On the first day of daycare in Quincy, MA you approach the school prepared for tears. Your baby is well, ready to run and play with the other kids in one scenario, or has a complete breakdown in the other. Either scenario breaks your heart as you cope with not having your child with you […]

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Allergies in the Classroom

Considering the ever growing number of children who diagnosed with allergies, it is important that every child care class stays prepared for anything and everything. Allergies can be minor or life threatening to the child. Some kids can be around their allergen and just not ingest it or touch it. However, others cannot even be […]