Importance of Physical Activity

At Wollaston Child Care, we like to focus on the growth and wellbeing of the whole child, not just knowledge gained in the classroom. Time spent in physical play is just as valuable as classroom time. As a leading early childhood education facility in Quincy MA, we hope to mold our students into well rounded, healthy individuals.


Daily physical activity reduces stress, as well as promotes healthy growth and development, better posture and balance, and stronger bones, joints, and muscles. Aside from physical health, sports and other physical activities have been proven to have numerous positive mental and social implications as well. Providing time for this activity is an important part of the curriculum in our early childhood education facility.


Kinds of Activities

There are three main categories of fitness activity: endurance, strength, and flexibility. Endurance activities like tag, skipping, and running help children strengthen their hearts and lungs and keep those muscles moving! Strengthening activities like monkey bars and climbing stairs help your little ones get stronger muscles and bones and better posture.  Yoga and stretching help promote flexibility and decrease stiffness and soreness, and increase relaxation.


Social Benefits

Sports teach coordination and other motor skills, as well as social skills like communication and how to follow instruction. Other social benefits from group physical activities include increased confidence and self-esteem, an opportunity to share an interest and make friends, and establish connections between different parts of the brain.


Designated time for physical activity throughout the day allows children to focus more and behave better during classroom time. Children will also sleep more soundly at night with adequate physical activity.


The American Heart Association

The AHA recommends sixty minutes of physical activity each day, and we contribute to this time with playtime twice daily. During this time, our students have access to our outdoor playground. Additionally, they have time for free play with their classmates. Our teachers here at an early childhood education facility in Quincy MA work hard to be positive role models. This includes promoting healthy lifestyles and exercise.